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In a remote area on the north western end of the continent of Collabris lies the region known as The Spinelands.


From the mighty dwarves of Korim to the human merchants of Titan’s Gate, every creature here lives in the shadow of the Broken Spine Mountains for which the region is named.

Life is harsh and fleeting in these unchecked lands. In the wilderness lurk beasts and monsters eager to make errant travelers into quick meals. In the villages and cities are a host of cutthroats and plotting villains. Anyone traversing these lands learns these lessons the hard way. Drow and duergar have made their homes in the vast expanse of the once great dwarven cities of Kalazanbaar. Lizard-folk, snake-men, legions of undead, just to list a few of the horrors plaguing the good people of the Spinelands.

This inhospitable land is good for one thing though. It is the perfect breeding ground for fledgling heroes. People who stand taller than others. People willing to brave the evils of the world and strike back at the darkness. People who see danger and the possibility of a horrible death as a chance for glory and great fortune.. This is where our adventure begins….

Home Page

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